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VentureHealth is an online venture fund platform for accredited investors who want access to breakthrough opportunities in the $2.5 trillion US healthcare sector. Based in Silicon Valley, the firm was founded by professional investors with strong track records, who are passionate about improving healthcare. The team vets investments based on its deep experience in company building, and is incentivized by the quality of deals, not quantity. The time has come for offline fundraising to move online.

Our mission is to dramatically transform clinical outcomes by capitalizing breakthrough innovations.

The Problems We're Solving

Accredited investors lack access to the most compelling biomedical innovations, and cannot diversify their investments into quality startups.  At the same time, excellent healthcare opportunities are underfunded.

Our Solution: VentureHealth.com

Select physicians and other knowledgeable accredited investors are invited to participate in biomedical financings. Investors can diversify into higher-risk, higher-return opportunities, capitalizing potential biomedical breakthroughs.

We've Done This Before 

Our investments have always attracted co-investment interest. Two years ago, we began allowing a group of accredited investors to participate in our venture capital syndicates. With the passage of the JOBS Act, we have decided to expand opportunities for co-investment through an online portal.

Overview of VentureHealth