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Mir Imran

Managing Director

Picture of Mir Imran

Mir Imran founded InCube Labs, a multi-disciplinary research lab, and InCube Ventures, a life sciences venture fund, to focus on his passion: creating medical solutions that change the standard of care in critical healthcare markets. Mir began his career as a med-tech entrepreneur in the late 1970's and has founded numerous game-changing companies since those early days.

Over the decades, he has become one of the leading inventors and entrepreneurs in healthcare. Mir now holds more than 200 issued patents and is perhaps most well-known for his pioneering contributions to the first FDA-approved Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator, a device sold to Eli Lilly and is now part of Guidant. Additionally, Mir has invented a number of breakthrough devices that set new standards of care for their industries.

As an entrepreneur, Mir has founded more than 20 medical device companies; 15 of his companies have seen "liquidity events" (IPO/Acquisition). Mir currently holds board seats with Bodymedia, Corhythm, eGeen, Entrack, Fe3, Intrapace, Modulus, Neurolink, NFocus, and Spinal Modulation. Mir is also Chairman and CEO of InCube Labs and Modulus Inc., a manufacturing and product development company focused on the medical device market.  For more information on Mir and his companies, go to www.incubelabs.com and www.modulusinc.com.

Andrew Farquharson

Managing Director

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Andrew is an investor and entrepreneur with two decades of experience building, restructuring and acquiring companies in life sciences. A founding member of InCube's venture fund, Andrew co-founded VentureHealth to democratize investing for accredited investors who have a passion for improving patient outcomes, and do not have access to venture capital deals.

Prior to his current roles, Andrew served as a Partner in the Halo Funds, where he completed a Kauffman Fellowship and led investments in a portfolio of life science firms. These investments included Intrapace (obesity), Penumbra (ischemic stroke), Safeview (security), Sonoma Orthopedic Products (bone repair), SwitchGear Genomics (gene regulation) & Spinal Modulation (pain management). Andrew has also been an active angel investor in a broader variety of ventures.

Earlier in his career, Andrew served as Chief Commercial Officer for Operon Technologies. During his tenure there, Andrew built a global sales force from scratch, grew revenues of synthetic DNA products to $40M in two years, and helped to negotiate a sale of the business to QIAGEN for $150M. He subsequently acquired a company in Japan for QIAGEN, and restructured it into the company's global operations. Prior to Operon, Andrew held several roles in research operations at Genentech, Inc., where he managed $200M of protein therapeutic production and optimized cell lines for expression. Andrew has also co-founded a gene design business in agricultural biotechnology (Glucazyme), launched a company in microfludics (Innovadyne), sat on a wide range of boards, and developed strategies for healthcare firms as a consultant with Deloitte & Touche.

Andrew holds a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor's from the University of California at Berkeley.

Talat Imran

Managing Director

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Talat co-founded VentureHealth because he is passionate about improving the supply of capital for healthcare innovations, while also creating opportunities for accredited physician investors to leverage their resources and expertise.

He has worked in the venture capital industry since 2005, when he joined The Angels’ Forum (TAF) and The Halo Fund. During his time at TAF, he managed the deal flow process and worked with tech, consumer and healthcare startups to refine their business plans and presentations. Leveraging his background in medical device software development, Talat continues to serve a similar role at InCube Ventures, evaluating early stage technologies in the healthcare sector.

During his time at both TAF and InCube Ventures, Talat was struck by the challenges facing healthcare entrepreneurs in funding their vision for improving clinical outcomes. Limited access to early stage capital in the healthcare sector, compared to the tech and consumer markets, is particularly striking given the percent of the national GDP spent on healthcare-related products and services each year. 

A software developer by training, Talat has over 10 years of experience designing, developing and marketing web applications. He has architected, launched and scaled apps for startups and pre-IPO companies alike, using cloud-based technologies, SEO, SEM and social media marketing.

Talat holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Mar Perez


Picture of Mar Perez

Mar Perez is an Principal for InCube Ventures and VentureHealth, investment funds focused on disruptive healthcare innovation based in San Jose, California. In her role, Mar wears multiple hats – from screening over 500 deals per year and managing due diligence to speaking in public forums and building relationships with Limited Partners. She also manages the Fund’s online presence, and contributes to organizational strategy. She is passionate about breakthroughs that can change medicine. She has spent her career in life sciences, most recently in governmental relations and sales with Johnson & Johnson. When Mar heard about VentureHealth, she fell in love with the opportunity to help investors and entrepreneurs dramatically improve the lives of patients.

Mar has also recently been accepted to the Kauffman Fellows program, where she is completing a two-year course focused on the next generation of leaders in venture capital.

Prior to joining VentureHealth, Mar earned an international MBA from a joint program of the ADM Business School and UC Riverside. Her earlier academic training focused on business management, at the Universidad San Pablo CEU.

Born and raised in Spain, Mar lived in Australia and the United Kingdom prior to relocating to Silicon Valley, California – her current home.

Cheryl Cui

Venture Partner

Picture of Cheryl Cui

Cheryl joined VentureHealth as a Venture Partner in 2014. She has a passion for identifying promising technologies that address unmet clinical needs. With a background in biomedical engineering, specifically in cell therapy and synthetic biology, Cheryl is interested in creating medical solutions to improve clinical outcomes.

Prior to her current role, she worked at Danen Ventures, where she managed deal flow, conducted due diligence and evaluated early stage technologies in the healthcare sector. She studies at the Harvard-MIT division of Health Science and Technology majored in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics. Her research led to multiple publications in Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS and FASEB journals. Cheryl was selected as one of the Canada’s Next 36, which is among the most prestigious entrepreneurial leadership initiatives in Canada. Her co-founded venture, EDO Mobile Health - an online platform to facilitate care of Alzheimer's patients- was successfully acquired in 2012. Cheryl received her B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science majored in Biomedical Engineering with Honors from University of Toronto.

Stephanie McGrory

VP, Communications

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Stephanie brings 20 years of marketing, communications and business management experience to VentureHealth. Stephanie serves as Vice President of Communications supporting our firm as well as our portfolio companies. Stephanie is also the Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for InCube Labs, the life science R&D lab led by Mir Imran focused on developing and commercializing breakthrough healthcare innovations. Prior to joining InCube, Stephanie was a founding member and EVP of Greenough Communications, a national marketing services firm that served a range of industries from technology to life sciences. Stephanie holds a B.A. in English from The College of the Holy Cross.