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I. Summary We leverage a special class of cells, which can generate cancer-free blood stem cells. Our therapy will dramatically increase the efficacy of bone marrow transplants and eliminate the need for bone marrow donors. II. The Problem HemoGenyx LLC addresses three key problems: 1. The dearth of effective treatments for blood cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma; 2. The high failure rate of bone marrow transplants. Fifty percent of all bone marrow transplants fail due to the body’s rejection of the transplant, complications from the procedure, or a relapse of the disease; and 3. The acute shortage of bone marrow donors. Seventy percent of all patients who need a bone marrow transplant from a donor are unable to have one because a match is unavailable. III. The Solution HemoGenyx LLC leverages AHE cells, discovered by Dr. Vladislav Sandler, the Co-Founder of HemoGenyx, which can generate cancer-free blood stem cells to treat blood cancers with superior results. Since AHE cells do not have accumulated mutations, for patients needing transplants of their own cells, the success rate will increase by 50% due to a lower rate of relapse. For donor-reliant patients, the problem of donor shortage will be eliminated, since AHE cells are harvested from the patients themselves. Consequently, because AHE cells are, by definition, a 100% match to the patient, successful outcomes will double. IV. The Opportunity HemoGenyx LLC has the opportunity not only to capitalize on the large and growing market for blood cancer treatments ($8 billion per year in the US, growing 7% per year), but also to save lives. Our patented technology will transform the way bone marrow transplants are being done in leukemia and lymphoma patients. Additionally, once the initial goal of treating blood cancers (leukemia and lymphoma) is met, our technology can be applied to other diseases, such as HIV/AIDS ($18 billion per year in the US), sepsis ($7.4 billion per year in the US), multiple myeloma ($4.5 billion per year in the US) and others.

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