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ImmuneXcite, Inc. is a privately held biotech company located in Lexington, Massachusetts that is developing the next generation of immune-activating therapies for cancer utilizing a novel immunotherapy platform technology that harnesses a neutrophils-initiated innate and adaptive immune response against targeted disease cells. ImmuneXcite’s platform technology, termed mAbXcite, creates novel antibody constructs that trigger a potent immune cell response selectively against disease targets. The mAbXcite technology is based on a unique oligosaccharide that signals infection to the immune system. By linking this oligosaccharide to monoclonal antibodies (or other targeting moieties like bispecific mAbs, aptamers or even small molecules), a recruitment and activation of neutrophils against the bound target is triggered, leading to a natural innate and adaptive killing response against the cancer cell or pathogen. This bold concept has been recognized and supported by the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT, the U.S. Department of Defense, Massachusetts Life Science Center, National Cancer Institute, and private investors.

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