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Glaucoma is a $5.8B US market, and the prevalence of the disease is expected to double within 20 years. Currently available therapies are only able to, at best, slow the progression to blindness. Utilizing state of the art biomaterials, nano-engineering and micro-machining, we distinguish ourselves from current technology by being able to shunt fluid directly to the surface of the eye without the risk of infection. We are also able to precisely control the rate of flow to achieve intra-ocular pressures below 12mm Hg, becoming the only therapy developed so far that can halt further glaucoma-related damage to the optic and preserve sight. There has been $3.4MM invested in the technology so far, the founders contributing $1.4MM. We have foundational bench and animal data demonstrating proof-of-concept, a safe, simple implant procedure, and tolerability of the device. The current round of financing will carry us through a 10-patient human feasibility study conducted in the US.

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