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Our goal is to commercialize our MVP and continue to develop our technology in order to achieve FDA approval and bridge into the medical device industry. Customer validation suggests that caregivers of babies want to see video AND their vitals to be reassured that their baby is alive, breathing, and not in distress. The Total Addressable Market for commercial baby monitors in the US is $850m. Cocoon Cam is an all-in-one next-generation "wearless" monitor and smartphone application duo. With a video camera safely mounted above the baby's crib, Cocoon Cam automatically transmits: -Customizable alerts -Body Temperature -Breathing rate -Heart Rate -Video Right to your Smartphone. Wherever you are. All without a wearable device attached to your baby! By incorporating the latest advances in wireless hardware and video analytics, our solution provides caregivers at every level the customizable information and alerts they need to save time and money.

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