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About Nonnatech

Nonnatech enables healthcare professionals and family members to intervene early on, preventing and managing potentially deteriorating conditions. Our solution contributes to preventing hospitalizations and admissions into higher levels of care. Nonnatech provides a pathway to lower level interventions (containing costs), prevent long term and acute care (re)admissions and reduce length of stay in rehabilitation facilities. Our platform monitors behavioral changes with real-time data collected from our connected health devices as well as devices manufactured by other companies. These behavioral changes can reflect medication adherence (or lack thereof) and significant activity levels in eating, fluid intake, sleeping, toileting, and socialization patterns. Our solutions provides clinicians with valuable real-time data (for continuous monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, and pulmonary diseases), through the use of our unique monitoring devices and predictive analytics. Therefore, clinicians will be able to assess significant physiological changes and identify potential deleterious changes in patient health. Nonnatech’s solution produces overall cost savings for the healthcare system. Through use of this technology, it allows healthcare professionals a more efficient way to care for patients, makes the lives of professionals and family members easier, and it allows for a higher caseload per clinician.

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