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About KangarooHealth, Inc.

KangarooHealth develops proprietary SaaS software that reduces physical therapy (PT) patient movement assessments time by over 70%, significantly improving physical therapy clinical throughput and increasing reimbursement success rates. The financial impact is over 20% revenue increase for PT clinics. We also work with healthcare payers to significantly reduce reimbursement fraud. KangarooHealth has a MVP and signed 2 paying customers with ~$22,000 early revenues (booking), including the initial implementation with a large 45-office physical therapy clinic chain and an independent physical therapy clinic. Products/Services: KangarooHealth’s proprietary software quantifies patients’ performance in clinical patient assessment sessions in real time using off-the-shelf motion tracking sensors, reducing a 60-min session down to less than 10 minutes. When patients finish all movement evaluation, a detailed patient evaluation result report will be automatically generated, ready for reimbursement submissions. It is very easy to use, objective, real-time, automatic and accurate. Company Background & Team: KangarooHealth is a Delaware C Corporation founded in 2015 by Dr. Xiaoxu Kang, who holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins and worked with Department of Defense on developing advanced physical rehabilitation technologies. Dr. Kang is a serial entrepreneur with a decade of healthcare R&D experience. The other core team members come from Google, Microsoft, and MedStar Health.

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