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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US, accounting for just under half of all cancers or 3.5 million diagnoses annually. An estimated $5.8 billion is spent on dermatology visits and skin biopsies each year to determine whether a suspect skin lesion is cancerous or not. Unfortunately, skin cancers are very difficult for the non-specialist (e.g. primary care physician) to diagnose and distinguish from non-cancerous skin abnormalities. Uncertainty in this initial assessment leads to more than 2 to 25 times as many referrals and biopsies than would otherwise be needed if the initial assessment was accurate. VeriSkin has developed a novel, low-cost, inexpensive method and handheld device for non-invasive skin cancer diagnostic which determines if a suspect skin growth is cancerous in ~ 1 min. We have demonstrated an unparalleled 100% sensitivity and 96.7% specificity in discriminating skin cancers from benign skin growths in recent clinical studies performed in multiple dermatology clinics in CA and AZ. Anticipated savings to the US healthcare industry and insurers are estimated at $3.2B through reduction of unnecessary biopsies and referrals to dermatologists.

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