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About Prologen Biosciences Inc.

"Instead of bypass operation or angioplasty, patients with blocked arteries in heart or legs can now get injection of our drug that builds new blood vessels and improve circulation. A disruptive technology.

Prologen Biosciences Inc. (Prologen) is developing its lead product, PGN-104, a microRNA drug to treat Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Current treatments are not effective, are very invasive, and include bypass, angioplasty, amputations and chronic wound care. PGN- 104 is given as intramuscular injection around blocked arteries to improve blood flow to leg and foot, and treat PAD. This approach is safer, less invasive, more effective, less costly and more patient-friendly.

This will disrupt $4 Billion market that is projected to grow in near future due to aging population and growth in diabetic patients."

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Vascular Diseases