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About RapiDx

"With RapiDx solution they can do it whenever they want, wherever they want, including at home.

RapiDx develops a device called RapTest, which is platform suitable for an array of health conditions. The first application of this platform is HIV self-test which can save the lives of millions.

RapiDx will break-even in 3years and show positive cash flow within 2years of initiating sales

RapiDx successfully completed a clinical trial, and received FDA clearance for a component of its system, its RapidRing. Moreover, RapiDx holds 2 patents in various territories covering its technology.

After a seed round of $1M that was completed in 2011 we are now looking now for Round A investment that will bring its product to the market.


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Startup's Info

Tel Aviv, Israel
Medical Devices
Therapeutic Areas:
Infectious Diseases, Other