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About Lattice Biologics

Lattice Biologics Ltd. is an emerging leader in the field of cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with a focus on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration. Lattice develops and processes biologic allograft products for domestic and international markets.

Lattice’s allograft products are used in a variety of clinical applications, including:

Enhancing fusion in spine surgery

Enhancing breast reconstruction post mastectomy for breast cancer patients

Sports medicine indications, including ACL repair

Promotion of bone regeneration in foot and ankle surgery

Promotion of skull healing following neurosurgery

Enhancing wound repair in burn victims

Subchondral bone defect repair in knee and other joint surgeries

Potent biological scaffolds strategically control stem cell fate and function, allowing our allografts to harness the regenerative potential of patient’s own stem cells and improve surgical outcomes.

Lattice Biologics’ Next Generation Allograft Technology is made possible through the use of decellularized human Extracellular Matrix (ECM), a biological scaffold (substrate) for our allografts. This is a directed scaffold which allows us to differentiate (i.e.

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