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About SYNG Pharmaceuticals Inc

SYNG Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SYNG Pharma) is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing next generation diagnostic and therapeutic against endometriosis. The company is developing a novel peptide, SP011, to inhibit a target now known for its role in the abnormal proliferation of cells. SYNG Pharma has a potential to develop a treatment that would be a much needed alternative to currently available, partly ineffective, hormonal therapy. SYNG Pharma is also developing its unique target protein into a biomarker and a rapid, non-invasive diagnostic for endometriosis to address an unmet need. There are many other potential applications for our technology including the treatment of prostate and uterine sarcoma; which may be further developed depending upon corporate interest. Immediate goals are to capitalize on ground breaking intellectual properties in developing diagnostic accompanied therapeutics for major unmet needs through pre-clinical research and Phase I /II clinical trials and enhance value of the asset/company for an appropriate exit.

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Biotechnology, Diagnostics
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Ob / Gyn