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The total potential global market for Integen’s patented products in the fields of oncology and maternal/fetal medicine, is roughly 18.75 billion US dollars. A 20% market would be approximately 3.75 billion US dollars annually. The field of cytogenetics (chromosome study) plays a vital role in establishing the diagnosis and prognosis of various cancers, determining the cause of miscarriages, providing invasive as well as non-invasive prenatal diagnosis for high risk pregnant women, and in selecting genetically normal embryos to transfer for IVF patients. However, there are major problems associated with the current offering of chromosome assays – longer TAT, high failure rate and lower sensitivity. InteGen has solved these problems by developing a chromosome assay employing novel molecular genetics technologies. The technique is termed Interphase Chromosome Profiling (ICP). The major attributes of ICP are 1) fast 2) fail-proof 3) more sensitive and 4) cost-effective. While the above mentioned initial product provided solutions for leukemia/lymphoma (blood cancer), miscarriage and prenatal testing, InteGen has developed another revolutionary technology that is highly disruptive and has applications in the noninvasive diagnosis of solid tumors (liquid biopsy), prenatal diagnosis and IVF. This is a major breakthrough technology and it is termed Next Generation Interphase Chromosome Profiling (NextGen ICP) for which patents are pending in U.S. and world-wide. InteGen is an early-stage company and its manufacturing facility and the products are registered with FDA. It currently has clients in the U.S. and India. InteGen’s technology and products are gaining traction in global markets and the potential clients include major reference laboratories and hospitals from the following countries: China, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the list is growing quickly! Besides helping the medical community with innovative products, InteGen is trying to help the U.S. Government in developing countermeasures to radiological threats from terrorists. A multi-million-dollar grant was just submitted to the U.S. Government with a proposed start date of first quarter 2017. The eventual goal of this interaction with the government is to secure a stockpile contract for InteGen's product(s) which could bring revenues of tens of millions USD per year.

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