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"Summary: SenSi-Flow Thermal Therapy is an innovative thermal therapeutic product that delivers ""on-demand"" cold, heat, and contrast thermal therapy to shorten rehabilitation & recovery times, lessen pain & discomfort, and increase range of motion & mobility. Proposal: Our company is developing a family of thermal therapeutic med-tech products for high incidence treatment of recurring chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions, accidental strain & sprain injuries, post-operative procedures, sports related injuries, and pre-workout warm-up / post-workout recovery. Our target markets are countries with high standards of living and health care - Canada, United States, and European Union. The product offerings address target markets that are 1/3 of the incidence population (i.e. 290M). A market value >$2.3B with a CAGR >11%. We not just provide a product but a solution to unmet needs in the health care system and the demand by consumers for better thermal therapy devices. The health care system in the United States are evolving from Fee-For-Service (Quantity of Care) to Value-For-Outcome (Quality of Care) payment model. Health care providers are financially responsible from patient admittance to ""90 days after discharge"". Primary health care providers are now under pressure to reduce spending during outpatient rehabilitation and recovery (i.e. 40% of total cost). Models in Canada and the EU are also now focusing on reducing outpatient costs. Our product solution is unique in that it delivers ""on-demand"" cold, heat, and contrast thermal therapy with “no requirement for ice”, and with “no downtime for preparation, setup and changeover”. Our innovative product is a Class I [510(K) with Precedents] medical device focused on - Simple and Efficient treatment delivery, - Safe and Controlled therapy protocols / compliance to achieve the, - Best treatment outcomes. “Shorter rehabilitation & recovery times, less pain & discomfort, and increased range of motion & mobility”. The product is based on proven technologies used in the aerospace, computer, and mobile communication industries for more than 20 years. Our IP ensures significant advantages over the competition. There is no product offering in the marketplace today that matches our product solution. We have demonstrated our ""completed functional prototype"" to professional sports organizations, clinics, and medical associations and received ""very positive"" feedback. Many have requested participation in Alpha, Beta, & Clinical Trials. Post-funding, we project break-even in Year 2 with sales revenue of $2.8M (5K units). In Year 3, profitability is attained at sales revenue of $5.5M (10K units). Projected revenue is $13M in Year 3 (3X ROI) and $33M in Year 4 (5X ROI). Management Team: The core management team is Ryan South - Founder & CEO, Geoff Zimmerman - Founder & CSO, and Derek Howell - COO. We have +20 years in developing products from concept to market launch, and ramp to volume production. All have international management experience in scaling profitable businesses from startup to acquisition. We are experts in Product Development, Design & Manufacturing Engineering, and Operations. Rounding out our well balanced team, we have experts in commercializing Med Tech products per ISO 13485 and Health Canada / U.S. FDA / CE Mark certification; global strategic marketing and sales development of medical products for Merck, Pfizer, & Sanofi; and direct sales of orthopedic and spinal care medical devices for Biolase, Boston Scientific, DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson). The Deal: We are seeking $1.2M in capital to complete Production Design and Regulatory Approval in <12 months. The funding structure requested is a Convertible Note. We are securing Non-Dilutive Funding - Government Grants (AITF, IRAP), and Government Tax Credits (SR&ED). Investors are eligible for the Alberta Investor Tax Credit (AITC) - 30% tax credit over two years starting in 2017. "

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