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About Oxitone medical

We developed the world first and only wrist worn pulse oximeter ( without the fingertip !!)By moving the measurement location we allow the patient to ware our bracelet 24/7 and we can measure continuously (compare with the fingertip spot-check measurement).We transmit the data – Oxygen blood saturation (SpO2) heartrate and movement (steps) by Bluetooth to smartphone (with Smartphone application for patient self-management ) and from the smartphone to the cloud .We allow access to the cloud to the patients and their families , Caregiver , physicians , emergency call centers and EMR/EHR . Since we measure continuously we can identify trends and send automatic alarm whenever SpO2 drop or heartrate go up ( combinations ) and supply remote monitoring service for COPD and CHF patients (chronical disease) and later on OSA ( sleep apnea ) at home and at nursing home (outside the hospitals) We have working devices and the full end to end system ( APPs and cloud) , we submitted FDA 510K application on November 2016 , and CE on November 2016 .Expecting approvals during Q1 and Q2 2017 . We have partners ready and waiting for our devices and will start deployment and sales toward the second half of 2017 . We raise 4 M $ ( mainly from tier 1 US investors – I am a serial entrepreneur with 3 exits behind me …. ) and we are looking now to raise additional 3 M$ .

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kfar saba, Israel
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Diagnostics
Therapeutic Areas:
Hematology, Other, Pulmonary / Respiratory Diseases