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Company Overview

About Near Infrared Imaging, Inc.

Near Infrared Imaging (NII) incorporated in September, 2013, and is a “Corporation In Good Standing” with both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Delaware.


Near Infrared Imaging, Inc., is owned in part by:

The Regents of the University of California (UC) - http://www.ucla.edu/

The City University of New York (CUNY) - http://www2.cuny.edu/

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - https://www.llnl.gov/

NII’s Vein-Eye® was released in 2014 for sales and is presently in over 40 countries with great success, installing systems in over 40 countries within six (6) months.

The Vein-Eye® is FDA registered, has the CE Marking, has been certified by Intertek for the IEC 60601 3rd edition.

The Vein-Eye has had only two (2) technical support requests in two (2) years.

Technology Overview

Currently, we are the manufacturing stage preparing to launch the Vein-Eye CARRY, our second product replacing the Vein-Eye HC.

We will soon be releasing a truly lightweight, portable, easy to use and very high quality vein illumination medical device.

The Vein-Eye® CARRY provides for:

• The real-time video of veins in all patients, even the difficult sticks,

• Stress free puncturing of the vein on the 1st attempt,

• Monitoring the needle while in the vein to prevent infiltration,

• Complete and lightweight portability into the home, from room to room in a hospital, use in an ambulance, or use in a clinic.

By working with us, the Vein-Eye® CARRY will soon be in millions of hospital rooms worldwide, in neonatal and adult intensive care units worldwide, in the hands of millions of mobile healthcare practitioners, in ambulances and in every setting where blood has to be drawn, or medicine has to be infused, to a patient. The Vein-Eye CARRY attaches to a hospital infusion chair, a home chair for infusion, a hospital IV cart, a hospital bed, a home bed, and nearby tables or desks in the home. The real-time video is exceptionally high quality.

The Vein-Eye® CARRY provides enhanced real-time video of all children including newborns, obese patients, critically ill patients, patients with dehydrated veins, and patients in the home receiving infusion. It is also important to determine if a vein is functioning properly and the rate of blood flow. http://youtu.be/iGH6PNh84IA

It is important to remember that:

1) There are 30M – 40M vein punctures every day worldwide.

2) 28% of these venipunctures miss on the 1st attempt.

3) Vein punctures miss on the 1st attempt 50% of the time when the patients is a child or a newborn.

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