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About TeleMedCare Health Diagnostics, Inc.

A US supplier of an FDA-approved mobile medical

diagnostic cart is seeking $3.5M in share equity investment.

Technology Overview

The TeleMedCare – ANSAR (TMCAMS) strategic partnership facilitates a solution to that problem easily and economically by monitoring and analyzing these biometric signs. The integration of these two companies has created a healthcare organization with state-of-the-art FDA approved clinical hardware, software, and telehealth solutions combined with years of successful technology marketing experience. It brings efficiency and convenience to healthcare providers and patients while enhancing the financial benefit for organizations that support the use of this advanced chronic care solution. This is a unique healthcare product with technology patents that extend into the study and analysis of the autonomic nervous system.

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Startup's Info

Atlanta, GA
Medical Devices, Digital Health, Diagnostics, Healthcare Services