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About Bridge Therapeutics, Inc.

Bridge aims to treat safely the 17 million patients who are most at risk of dangerous addiction, namely those currently taking opioids for moderate to severe chronic pain. Treating this pain more safely means crisis tackling this crisis at a key source.

What's more, our therapies can be brought to market quickly and stand a strong chance of rapid approval by the FDA. We could start marketing it early next year.

Technology Overview

Bucam for chronic pain - a patented combination of Burprenorphine for pain and Meloxicam for inflammation - given in a sublingual tablet 3x per day to maintain blood serum levels. Treats a wider spectrum of pain, far more safely and effectively than opioids.

Bunalz for addiction - exclusive license to Catalent's rapid dissolving tablet formulation (Zydis) for generic Suboxone (Buprenorphine / Naloxone). Relieves the chief complaint of Suboxone strips and tablets, namely mouth soreness and lesions.

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Birmingham, AL
Therapeutic Areas:
CNS / Neurology
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