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Population aging will exponentially increase the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementias or Parkinson's Disease. Brain imaging is the most accurate method for diagnostic, but

medical literature points out that today´s human subjective interpretation of medical imaging can lead to a 20-30% miss rate. Reducing this subjectivity can be achieved by efficiently combining synergistic information from different imaging systems (multi-modal imaging) and through the inclusion of reliable objective and quantitative information extracted from the imaging data into the diagnostic workflow. Neurocloud currently provides PET, SPECT and MRI automatic image quantification against databases of healthy people, enabling a very fast identification of abnormal brain areas. Neurocloud is fully compatible with any scanner and has been clinically validated

Technology Overview

Currently, Neurocloud offers 3 quantification services:

Neurocloud-PET (our first application release) provides physicians multimodal PET/MRI and PET/CT images without investing in dedicated and expensive hybrid systems, and quantitative information of brain metabolism from FDG-PET images. Our product automatically detects significant differences between the patient image and database of healthy subjects using both predefined areas of the brain (Atlas) or voxel-by-voxel, providing multiple quantitative indexes with robust statistics which can enhance the image interpretation performed by the physician. Results are also visually displayed over the patient image and multimodal images, targetting physician attention for a much faster and more in-depth interpretation of the images.

Neurocloud-SISCOM: It is a targeted application for the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy. It was developed from a technology currently being used in seven Spanish hospitals called FocusDET Program, with a transfer agreement signed with CIBER (Spanish Network of Biomedical Research Institutions). This software identifies the epileptic focus in patients with intractable epilepsy using complementary information from SPECT and MRI images by a processing procedure known as SISCOM (subtraction ictal SPECT coregistered to MRI), one of the most accurate methods for locating the epileptic area before surgery. It is for the pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy patients. Neurocloud-SISCOM has evolved the research version (local installation, manual processing) into an automated cloud service, optimized for the clinical routine and aligned with the company’s strategy.

Neurocloud-VOL: Neurocloud VOL is an enables automatic volumetric analysis of MRI. Neurocloud VOL provides precise volume measurements for all the brain areas, and compares them with a database of more than 800 patients, detecting atrophy areas. In addition, it performs Voxel-based Morphometry, that allows the investigation of focal differences in grey matter anatomy, using statistical parametric mapping. Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy show different atrophy patterns, which can be extracted using the software. This product is currently in trials in 3 Spanish hospitals and will be launched in September 2018. Neurocloud VOL development was integrally housed by Qubiotech.

On the R+D pipeline, we are developing an ambitious R+D pipeline aimed at developing an ecosystem of automated and integrated applications addressing all the clinical needs of routine diagnostics (dementias, EA, Parkinson, and epilepsy). This ecosystem will include current applications for advanced image quantification and new deep learning diagnostics based on proprietary image biomarkers, that will be also useful for clinical trials market

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