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About IntraPace

IntraPace® has developed a novel implantable system to treat obesity. It is built on the proven technology used in millions of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators each year. The abiliti® system is designed to be implanted via standard laparoscopic instruments without making any changes to the anatomy of the digestive system or placing any limitations on what a person can eat or drink.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that affects the health and lifestyles of hundreds of millions of people. For many of these people, diet and exercise plans have not allowed them to achieve sustained weight loss. For others, bariatric weight loss surgery has proven effective in helping them to lose substantial excess weight. However, these surgical procedures impose lifestyle restrictions and have significant side effects and complication rates that leave many patients waiting for a better alternative.

IntraPace's abiliti system is designed to be the first "intelligent" obesity intervention. Once implanted and activated, the abiliti system is designed to detect when a person consumes food or drink. When food or drink is detected, the system delivers a series of low-energy electrical impulses to the stomach intended to create a feeling of fullness. These electrical impulses are customized to the needs of each individual patient. The system also tracks patient activity levels, providing a comprehensive view of food consumption and exercise trends. This information may be used by patients and their healthcare providers to reinforce healthy behaviors and activities that lead to weight loss. The abiliti system is intended to enable patients to achieve and sustain significant weight loss without the complications, lifestyle restrictions, and substantial anatomical changes associated with the current bariatric surgeries.

IntraPace was founded in 2001. The abiliti system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. It is not available in the United States.

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