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About Sonoma Orthopedics

Founded in 2005, Sonoma Orthopedic Products is a venture-backed orthopedic device company outside Chicago, Illinois. We provide fracture fixation devices that allow orthopedic surgeons to quickly and easily repair bones with difficult geometries. Today’s active lifestyles are generating a greater need for operative treatments to repair fractures and return patients to work and activity sooner. Traditional treatments for clavicle fractures, in particular, have had mixed results and long recuperative periods.

Sonoma Orthopedics offers a better result.

Our patented WaviBody® and ActivLoc® Technologies are used in least-invasive surgical procedures to provide fixation for fractures at the core of the bone. The proprietary design of the Sonoma flexible-to-rigid devices provide flexibility for ease of insertion, enabling effective placement and minimizing trauma to surrounding structures and soft tissue, and rigid support for fracture healing. This can result in faster healing time, improved patient recovery, and greater patient satisfaction levels.

Patients and physicians report quicker healing time, less pain at the fracture site, and a more satisfying cosmetic result with surgery using the Sonoma clavicle and wrist repair devices.

If you are a health care provider and wish to locate a trauma sales representative, get trained or schedule a demonstration, please contact us. See our calendar to find events Sonoma will be attending.

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