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The Excel Cryo Cooling System (“Excel”) is an easy to use, low cost, and fast solution for first responder and Emergency Department personnel, as well as in other areas of the hospital. The Excel solution can be activated and applied in less than 10 seconds vs. the extended time required for an IO or IV line to be inserted and chilled saline solution administered. The Excel System is composed of a modified cervical collar that is normally placed on the neck by first responders and emergency department personnel. However, when Hypothermia needs to be induced, the Excel Cervical Collar is unique in that it has a large anterior opening with a door designed with soft protruding devices to spread the Excel Cryo Cooling Element over the carotid triangle. The Excel Cryo Cooling Element is a hazard free, cloth lined, disposable endothermic cooling device that is designed to drop to -5° C within seconds of activation and stay below 0° C for 30 minutes. The specially designed collar combined with this cooling device draws heat from the blood as it passes from the heart to the brain dropping the brain’s temperature into induced mild hyperthermia within minutes of its application. As the study indicates, by replacing the Cooling Element every 20 minutes the brain’s temperature can be maintained at a reduced temperature of 1.5° C indefinitely. There are no permanent side effects from its use, and it is a Class I FDA registered device. www.CryothermicSystems.com

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