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About Isentio

Isentio offers unique online software solutions to facilitate analysis, interpretation and management of DNA sequencing data. Isentio's RipSeq® product is the fastest, most user-friendly and complete solution for DNA identification of clinically important pathogens, making identification consistent and accurate. RipSeq enables sequence-based identification from both mono- and poly-microbial samples, a unique feature that results in enhanced problem solving qualities. The bacterial identification time can be reduced up to 90% and answers can be provided where other methods fail. Fast, precise pathogen identification will also support selection of optimal antibiotic regimes, with the potential to reduce health care costs. 50k Foot View of Isentio: • Investors website isentio.us • Delaware C Corporation • Based in Palo Alto, CA • SaaS product + curated proprietary database • Clinical diagnostics (MDx), hospital and research laboratory utility • Existing global customer base (60+ customers) • 2 filed and 3 provisional patents • 4 Products - RipSeq Single and Mixed (Sanger), RipSeq NGS (NGS sequencer agnostic), Vivet (curated private pathogen database)

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Palo Alto
Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Healthcare Services
Therapeutic Areas:
Infectious Diseases