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About Appian Medical

Appian has licensed a patent-protected, clinically proven technology that can diagnose OSA via smartphone in the comfort of one’s own bedroom. The software employs neural network algorithms to analyze sleep breathing sounds caused by airway collapse during apnea. In published clinical studies, it has demonstrated 93% accuracy in comparison to PSG and has the potential to replace PSG & home sleep tests globally as the standard for OSA diagnosis.OSA is a serious sleep disorder affecting 20M adults in the US & 100M globally.US payers spend >$4B annually on diagnostic tests.Untreated OSA causes/worsens >36 chronic diseases including hypertension,diabetes, Afib,stroke, CHF, depression, ED, certain cancers, heart attack.Untreated OSA causes 7x increase in injury/death from vehicle accidents. 85% of sufferers remain undiagnosed, due to discomfort, inconvenience & high cost of sleep lab tests.Appian’s management has raised over $125M in angel, VC and public company funding over the past 25 years. They have worked closely together in several previous ventures and delivered investor returns ranging from 4X to 80X over 6 companies. They successfully pioneered innovative respiratory monitoring devices, mHealth apps and consumer diagnostic tests. Appian is their third sleep apnea diagnostic venture (Sleep Services of America, NovaSom).

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Severna Park
Digital Health
Therapeutic Areas:
Pulmonary / Respiratory Diseases