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Let's say there's a biomedical breakthrough that could dramatically improve clinical outcomes. Maybe it's a cure for epilepsy, a new treatment for cancer, or a way to treat refractory, chronic pain. The science is sound, the team is credible and the patient population will benefit dramatically; you want to invest.


Registration is free for accredited investors. After logging into the VentureHealth site, you will gain access to snapshots of promising biomedical ventures. 

Reviewing Deals

Each venture has a unique page, which describes its biomedical breakthrough, shows how much investment is available, and has links to non-confidential investor presentations. You will be able to ask and review questions on the Forum and, if you are seriously interested in investing, you will be able to access more complete diligence material. 

Investing In A Deal

As the company changes in value, you should expect to receive quarterly updates, and will be able to access the Forum going forward. 

Achieving ROI

If the company increases in value, your investment will grow with it. If it is acquired – perhaps after proving efficacy in a clinical trial or demonstrating physician adoption – then you will receive your share of the proceeds based on your pro rata ownership.