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Active Investments

Founded by Dan Burnett, MD, Channel Medsystems is creating the first truly office-based Global Endometrial Ablation (GEA) technology, based on innovations in cryo-therapy. GEAs are used to treat excessive menstrual bleeding as an alternative to more invasive surgical procedures. Conventional approaches require capital equipment and often require anesthesia or conscious sedation. In contrast, Channel’s device is designed to quickly and safely deliver therapy in a single use, self-contained, hand-held device that is well tolerated by the patient.

Most Recent Financing: Raised $9.7M in April 2013, led by Boston Scientific.

Venture Health: invested $875,000

Website: http://www.channelmedsystems.com/

Rani Therapeutics Logo

Founded by Mir Imran, Rani Therapeutics is developing a technology that would make biotherapeutics orally available - removing the need for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. The company has successfully delivered a well-known, commercially available antibody in a pre-clinical model.

Most Recent Financing: Raised its Series B in August of 2013, led by Google Ventures

Venture Health: raised $2.6M

Website: http://www.ranitherapeutics.com/

Recent Exits

Founded by Mir Imran, Spinal Modulation is developing a breakthrough neurostimulation therapy for chronic pain by targeting the dorsal root ganglia. Now growing rapidly in Europe, the company has demonstrated dramatic improvements in managing chronic, intractable pain even in challenging anatomical points, such as the back and foot.

Exit: Closed Equity Financing and Option to Purchase Agreement with St. Jude Medical on June 7, 2013. See http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20130607-707972.html

Most Recent Financing: VentureHealth group: invested $1.8M

Website: http://www.spinalmodulation.com/

Founded by Mir Imran and Martin Dieck, Nfocus is developing breakthrough solutions for neurovascular disease, starting with brain aneurysms. Now completing initial human trials in Europe, the company’s LUNA device is demonstrating dramatic improvements in outcomes for aneurysm patients.

Exit: Acquired by Covidien on February 19, 2013 http://biz.yahoo.com/e/130429/cov10-q.html

Most Recent Financing: VentureHealth group: invested $1.49M

Website: http://www.nfocusneuro.com/

Founded by Astro Teller and Ivo Stivoric, Bodymedia is the world pioneer in developing and marketing wearable body monitors that enable consumers to understand their health & wellness. Using multiple sensors that measure a range of physiological parameters, the company’s technology delivers accurate information about your body straight to your mobile device. The company was recently acquired by Jawbone, in part due to its deep intellectual property portfolio.

Exit: Acquired by Jawbone on April 30, 2013 http://content.jawbone.com/static/www/pdf/press-releases/pr-043013-2.pdf

Most Recent Financing: Raised $12M in May of 2012, led by InCube Ventures II and Comcast Ventures. VentureHealth group: invested $469,000

Website: http://www.bodymedia.com/